so tyler and i finally moved back into our apartment in provo. it feels good to have a sturdy life again.

quick story: so i got to provo to move in on friday and went to the office to check-in/get our keys. meanwhile there's a couple next to me in the office signing a contract for married housing. i tell the guy my last name (of course having to spell it out) and he can't find anything. i tell him the apartment we signed our contract for last april and again he can not find our contract! so then he goes in the back for like ten minutes, comes out, and announces to me that they sold our apartment a few weeks ago for the school year! he said they misplaced our contract, thought the apartment was open, and sold it to another couple. then he said quickly after, luckily we do have one last open apartment so we'll give that to you. by the way, doug, he said to the guy working with the couple seated next to me, that apartment is taken so you guys won't be able to sign a contract. the couple, understandably so, freaked out. apparently they had driven down from salt lake and cancelled plans just to sign this contract for the apartment they were forced to give to us. wow. i couldn't believe it.

anyway, tyler and i actually ended up getting a nicer apartment than last year with better carpet and hot water. so i guess we lucked out in the end.


tomorrow tyler and i are finally moving back into our apartment! we're living in the same place as last school year. it will feel so good to have a little home again! summer was awesome and i never had so much fun being so lazy. but i can't wait to have a home with tyler again.

p.s. our anniversary is in one week! i'm so excited!

school is going really well. i have great students. my classes are much smaller than last year and unlike governor jeb bush says, smaller is better to me! things are going so much better now that i know what works best.

last weekend i drove up to boise to see my mission daughter marry an elder from our mission. like mother, like daughter i guess. i cried a lot. whenever i go to sealings now i can't help but think of my own. then we got down later at the reception with some armenian dancing, all the armenia missionaries raising the roof.

even though i've missed being with tyler these past two weeks, i've had a lot of fun with my family. my mom and i have hung out a lot and i've really enjoyed her company. it's interesting and really nice how mothers become friends the older you get.


well...it's that time again...seriously i wonder if my students think of me as this anal old woman pictured here. hopefully they do!

yesterday i made the eleven hour drive back from arizona to beautiful bountiful utah. the drive went quick because i had so much on my mind. i found myself talking OUT LOUD to myself several times, going over things i had to do and how i was planning to start the school year. i couldn't even sleep last night because my mind was reeling and reeling.

the first day of school is friday. already i see SUCH a difference from last year. for example, i put my room together today and it took me three hours, compared to the TEN hours it took last year. i have all my lessons ready for the entire year and of equal importance i have a strong and sturdy management plan that will begin on day one. those kids aren't getting away with anything this year! and trust me, they try to get away with everything and more. anyway, i'm excited for a new year. it's good to be productive again.


Forgiveness: My Burden Was Made Light

As I watched this video I thought about a really profound General Conference talk a few years back. I can't remember who gave it (I think it was Bednar) and I don't have time to look it up (gotta get dinner on the table in ten minutes) but Elder Someone said that when we are offended by others' actions we are actually sinning because we are not forgiving them. When I heard that I was like, whoa, no more getting offended! Through experience, I've learned that when we don't forgive, most of the time we are the ones that hurt. I recently discovered that I had been holding a lot of built up years of resentment toward someone (no, it's not Tyler). I then realized that I was not forgiving that person for being imperfect. I suppose I wanted that person to be perfect and treat me perfectly and when it didn't happen the way I wanted my relationship with that person began to suffer. And no, I'm not talking about a past boyfriend either. It wasn't until I FORGAVE that person for being human and making mistakes that I FELT BETTER and my relationship with them IMPROVED. Thank heavens for the atonement, repentance, and forgiveness.