I read this quote a long time ago and I've always remembered it. I thought of it today and honestly forced myself to laugh when all I felt like doing was cry. So it kind of came out as a tearful laugh, but I did my best. I've had a rough last two weeks at work. Some of the drama included my dance stereo being broken TWICE, TWO different students crying in class, so MANY students being unprepared for a huge project, and a student basically telling me she hates me and my class. I broke today under all the pressure and just felt MAD. I was mad that I work so hard and things still don't work out. I was mad that I was doing all I could and more to help my students and I wasn't seeing all the returns. I was mad that I wasn't stronger. I was mad that I cared so much. But after I got over my pity party, I realized that I have it really good. I have a ton of students that do try really hard. I have a ton of students that are kind and positive and happy. I have a JOB. I have an amazing husband. I have the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have everything I need to be happy. So I'm going to choose to laugh my way through life because I don't like crying either.