i can do hard things

yes, i can completely assemble a king size sleep number bed from six boxes all by myself.

yes, i can fix the broken footrest on our couch using four wire hangers.

i can learn 150 new student names in one week.

i can teach 150 students every day.

i can teach for eight hours every day in a non-air conditioned building.

i can live apart from my husband for six weeks (for the third time since we've been married).

yes, i CAN do hard things! and so can you.


oh the dreaded middle of august...i knew this was coming all summer and yes, it's as crazy if not crazier than i thought it would be. who moves from texas into a brand new apartment and prepares to teach a new school year all in four days? me.

i'm really overwhelmed right now with everything i have to do in a limited time frame. the list is endless. but i'm actually more overwhelmed with all of the help that i've had. the only time i've cried in the past two days (yes the only time) was when i just couldn't believe how much help i was getting. it seems as though people are more than willing to help me this week. my mom, brother dave, brother jim, sister-in-law kristi, and their two kids helped me move in all day yesterday. and it was not easy, at all. there was a lot of sweating, exhaustion, and of course some cussing from my brothers. then my mom came to my apartment today for six hours and unpacked while i was at work. she's coming back tomorrow to finish.

there were more than enough complications as i went back to work today. my school laptop that i turned in at the end of the year was given to someone else and my keys that i also turned in were lost. yeah it was stressful. but what i was amazed at was all the help. office staff that didn't have to help me, did. and everything worked out.

and no one wants anything in return. there are angels around me.


tyler's brother jeremy got married in the denver temple. we flew out there and had a blast with tyler's family. his reception was unlike any i'd been to before: jeans, hot dogs, and volleyball. very fun to go to. tyler got rocked by the flight home; he threw up four times! poor guy. i felt so bad for him. throwing up is bad, but throwing up in a small enclosed area with people all around you is even worse.

so yeah, this is us trying to be goofy but instead i look pretty normal and tyler looks like he's gonna puke. (foreshadowing of the flight to come?)

the day we got back we had to move apartments. ugh. so we're living with another couple in a 2 bedroom for a week. roommates! it's actually kind of nice because the guys are gone so much.

tyler got his first medical school interview offer! i'm so proud and excited for him. i have a week left of summer and it's definitely crunch time to get ready for school...