My current love: Tyler! Especially at Timp in the fall...

My current hate: UDOT! For the love! An hour and half drive home after work? Life is so hard...


what is this, seriously? it's 8:45 a.m. on saturday and i've been awake for an hour! i can't sleep in anymore. i guess waking up at 5:40 a.m. every day during the week will do that. anyway, i'm starting to turn into my parents. i've always made fun of them because they're overjoyed if they can "sleep in" until 8:00. tyler's peacefully passed out in our bedroom, snoring as usual. so precious!

today i didn't know what was going on when i woke up. is it really saturday again?? i asked myself. the last two days were also saturday. it's fall break in utah and it's glorious. last year i valued my breaks by 100 fold. this year they're certainly nice but i don't dread going back to work like i did last year.

last week was my birthday. 2-6 people! what is happening in the world? thank heavens i'm married or i'd be in a deep depression right now! no offense to all my '03 graduates still living the single life. i still don't feel quite like i'm all grown up. yes, i've graduated college. yes, i have a career. yes, i have a huband. but without kids i still feel like a kid, even at 26. and i probably am. i have no idea what it's like to have a child and i'd like to keep my ignorance for many years to come. i see pictures of friends with their adorable babies and yes it looks so appealing but then i think of all the sleepless nights they must be having, puke and poop they're cleaning up, screaming and crying they're dealing with and then i feel pretty good about still being a kid, even at 26.


all my dreams are coming true! it's been sunny and HOT in october! i do love fall but i can't stand the season that follows it so i'm reveling in this record breaking heat.

yesterday i had the day off of work. we have a compensatory day on the week of parent-teacher conferences. i guess they decide we need a day off when we work two thirteen hour days. i spent my day off by sleeping in, getting a deep conditioning treatment, going to the pool (brought me right back to summer), and attending my (and tyler's) mission reunion. it's getting weird going to the mission reunions. i was the oldest sister there. i think that means we should stop going.

today was also a day to celebrate. conference has been great as always. we also went to kneaders. i could die for their turkey bacon avocado on foccaccia! we decided that we needed a new router so we went to rc willy. we ended up buying a tv, naturally. tyler's been wanting a tv for a long time and his dream finally came true today. it was a great deal and we couldn't pass it up.