well it turns out my husband is a celebrity. he made the local news by doing what he does best - protecting families the apx way. check out the vid.

Glendale woman has 2 cars stolen from garage, one ends up on photo radar

not only does he protect families, he "guards and protects my heart" every day. ha! oh bachelorette. how i love you! kasey is out of control. i wish he would have showed ali the tattoo cuz pretty sure he'd be out of there by now. unlike ali, i don't think he was being insincere. i think he's just sincerely weird and corny. i think it will get down to roberto, frank, and kirk. already looking forward to monday night...also loving sytycd. my early favorites are alex, kent, lauren, and jose.

life is still good! this week went by regrettably fast. slooooowwww down time! i thought that maybe i would be sick of doing nothing after two weeks but boy was i wrong! i love it. between the pool, elliptical, tv, reading, cleaning, cooking, and tyler i manage to keep myself busy and happy.


i am looooving life right now! i was driving today, feeling the warmth on my skin and smelling hamburgers in the air, thinking how much i love summer, love having a break from work, and love being with tyler FINALLY. life is good. my days consist of sleeping in, making breakfast with tyler, going to the pool (and having to get in every 5 minutes because it's so freakin hot), cleaning the apartment, planning and making dinner, watching o'reilly/bachelorette/sytycd, and spending the nights with tyler. pure joy.


i cried today. twice. because i'm so freakin excited that i will see tyler TOMORROW! i'm overwhelmed with how much i love and miss him.

school's out for the summer! i officially made it through my first year of teaching. i didn't kill myself. i didn't strangle anyone that i wanted to. and i really did enjoy my job. teaching is so hard! i did not anticipate the difficulty. i felt like i got ran over by a train at the end of each day and was knocked out for the night by 10 p.m. every day. it's exhausting and draining in every way. but i loved it. i love being involved in the youth's education and hopefully did something to contribute to it.

hillcrest - peace out for 2.5 months! tyler - here i come baby!