Yes I've been MIA for a while but whatever. Really my life's been so normal and constant lately that it doesn't make for good blogging. I really enjoy a low-key life though. I feel like teaching is so intense that I can't handle any other stress in my life.

BUT Tyler and I did have an exciting weekend so here I am. We drove down to Phoenix for two medical school interviews (at Midwestern and U of A). We stayed with some mission friends, one Tyler knew, and the other was my trainer. Then we spent a few days at the Grand Canyon. Awesome. I've always wanted to go and neither of us had been before. We camped and yeah, it was freaking cold at night. I currently have an intensely peeling forehead because I wore a huge wooly nasty hat for three days straight. The first night it was 14 degrees! The second night it snowed. I love camping but I for real was glad to come back to a warm house and nice bed.

So I love this video. Talk about the power of one. Just dance people. It feels good.