we finally found out that baby is a BOY!!! we are so excited! when we first got pregnant, i really wanted a girl, but as time passed, i felt myself really wanting a boy more. i just feel like it's good for the oldest. tyler obviously really wanted a boy from the very beginning so he's super pumped. we do have some names we like, but no decisions yet.

finding out the gender was also our very first ultrasound. it was so cool to finally see him! i was surprised at how big and developed he looked. i guess it's easy to just always imagine that little kidney bean.

the ultrasound tech said everything looks good and healthy. he is heavier than average, weighing one pound at 21 weeks.

i'm feeling really good right now. my back has started to hurt so i had to get a new chair at work and use pillows on the couch. he is moving all the time. i don't think 20 minutes goes by without me feeling him. we've both seen him move too now and that's pretty cool. i don't feel overly hungry or have any weird cravings. but i am starting to crave healthier foods. i'm in love with apples right now, so i guess that's a step up from cheese and potato chips. my hands are starting to swell and my ring is not working out too well anymore.

this christmas we're staying here in florida. it was pretty overwhelming (and costly) moving out here so we decided not to go home this year. but we did have an awesome vacation to the keys this weekend, just a little 4 hour drive from our house. we spent saturday in key largo, sunday in key west, and monday in bahia honda. i loved key largo! it's quiet and beautiful. key west is a lot of fun but it's very touristy and crowded. and there is no shortage of weirdos there.

apparently all the birds do fly south for the winter

key largo

our little hotel

sunset in key largo

visiting the little white house in key west

eatin some way good seafood

the crazy key west cemetery

walking along key west streets

saw a lot of boats

bahia honda beach

 merry christmas!


20 weeks. feeling large and in charge. i guess i really look pregnant now.

i felt the baby for the first time on thanksgiving day and now i feel it all the time. it's pretty cool but also kind of creepy sometimes - just to know there's something in there that isn't me.

i'm feeling really great. no sickness at all. the only bad thing so far this trimester has been lots of people telling me my face is getting chunky. oh the honesty of some people.

all my coworkers know now. one of the girls asked me if i was pregnant at 16 weeks. did nobody learn anything from brian regan?? never, ever.

so besides the fat face, other new things are feeling seriously hot all the time (my office is freezing but i'm always over there borderline sweating), linea negra appearing, and i can't stand on my feet for more than an hour or else they hurt super bad (probably from the 20, yes 20, pounds i've gained). no stretch marks...yet. i know it's all hereditary but i can't help but slather on the cocoa butter every morning. no weird cravings. and we still don't know the gender. ultrasound is next tuesday! we both really feel like it's a boy.

tyler has his last final for his first semester in med school on wednesday. then he's got almost a month break. he's super pumped. it's been a really busy semester for him. med school's pretty intense. he doesn't have any big plans for his big break, mostly because i'll be working every day except christmas. i suggested that he could prepare the nursery but he wasn't too keen on that idea.

speaking of christmas, doesn't it look nice and wintery here in florida? it's pretty weird going outside in the morning for work in december and being hot. but i am not complaining. although i love a white christmas, i do not miss the snow or the freezing cold. don't forget that we'd love visitors!