Happy 24th Birthday Tyler! I Love You So Much!


spring break officially starts NOW!


I can take a hint

I just noticed the title of the blog, 'thoughts by tyler and jodi.' Some women think guys are oblivious to subtle hints like that...and for the most part women are right. So...what to write for my first ever post on OUR blog.(jodi likes to stress the our especially when I call it her blog:) So my life is more busy than I would like it to be at the moment. My time is spent with the love of my life...chemistry(you would think chemistry is the love of my life judging from the time I invest in it but alas this couldn't be further from the truth. I cant wait for 106, 352, and 353 to satkel), volunteering with Hospice, 'working' at the RB/SFH, working in a research lab, preparing for the MCAT with Kaplan, teaching...no...managing nursery, and spending time with the person who makes all of this stress worth it. Jodi, that is you! Ok, I already have a itchy clicker finger that is wanting to hit the PUBLISH POST button on the bottom of the screen.
I LOVE the MADNESS! Could anyone ask for a better opening round? I hope the rest of the tourni will be as exciting as opening day. BYU fans are lovin' it. I'm not a dire hard BYU fan but I'm looking forward to the game today.
I have a story to share and then I'll call it a post. This happened about 2 months ago. It was 9 pm and I had just got home from taking a 3 hour ochem test when I got a call from a Provo police officer. He asked me to come down to the street by my car. I was still in the fog of ocem and had Sn2 and Sn1 reactions running trough my head. I go down to the street and the officer asks me if I hit the car in front of me when I was parking. I didn't know what to say. I told if I there was any contact it wasn't more than a nudge. I told him my wife was out of the car guiding me in as a parallel parked into the semi tight squeeze. I took a look at the 'damage' and there might have been a scratch on the bumper of the car in front of me. There wasn't any damage to my car. At this point I just wanted to go back inside and get this ridiculous thing over with. I asked the officer what happens now. I gave him all my information and he said that was it. Before I went into the apartment I walked up to the car and tried to talk to the 17 year blond old teeny bopper.I tried to talk to her and all she said was, 'we will let the insurance companies figure this out,' as she rolled up her window. I couldn't believe the whole situation so I just went in and called it a night. Oh ya, you would think that she drove a benz or something by how she was acting....no, she was driving an '04 Dodge Stratus!!! Why wouldn't you call the cops when your fancy Stratus gets a scratch on the bumper?
I wasn't too worried about all of this because I didn't think anything would happen. There were not witnesses, Jodi had guided me in, and there was a scratch on a bumper. I was worry free until I talked to my mom the next day. She got me worried, thinking that I was going to get sued. This is America where people file lawsuits against fast food chains for making them fat, or when they spill hot coffee on themselves. AMERICA!!! Why cant we be better than this. Lets stop trying to get something for nothing. Dumb lawsuits and a culture of entitlement are ruining this great country. In Chicago or Detroit it is now illegal to wear cologne or scented deodorant because a lady sued the city because she was bothered by the lady's perfume who sat next to her at work. Anyway, I don't want to start sounding like Glenn Beck so I'll move on.
To wrap things up. I worried and had a sick feeling in my gut for two weeks. The claims people came out and looked at my car. They couldn't see any damage and said it was likely that nothing was going to happen. I was finally comforted. I called that teeny bopper's insurance company and they confirmed what the claims people said. So THE END.
That was longer than I wanted it to be. My apologies. Thanks for reading if you made it this far. I'd like to ask a small favor. If you read this, leave a comment. I want to see how many I can get. I might want to brag to Jodi:) This is a one time request. PEACE


A week ago I had an awesome time hanging out with mission friends. Ever since I got home these have been my favorite people to spend time with because we just seem to be on the same page.

Some of my favorite people in the world I met on my mission: Nuge, my trainer, the one who laughs about everything and stresses about nothing; Maggi, my third companion, the one who says things I want to say but don't have the guts to; Speez, my desired but never realized companion, the one who makes any old boring event a hysterical and fabulous time; Anna, my trainee, the one who never ceases to entertain; Leah, my granddaughter (Anna's trainee), the one who makes me laugh more than any other. And that's just a few of the many. Of course there are a few yeretsner (elders) that are fun people too. I even married one who is now my best best best friend. What would I do without Tyler? I don't really believe that everything happens for a reason but I'm thankful a lot of things happen, like me deciding to serve a mission. I had a serious boyfriend when I left. I never even thought of staying home, though, because I had received such a strong impression that God approved of my decision to go. Thank heavens I went because I met the best people in the world while there including the love of my heart.

Last summer a group of us went to Lake Powell. Best time of my life in the past couple years (besides my wedding day obviously!). Here's a video of some of the chaotic and ridiculous fun we had every day. Love you Leah and Anna!


a dream is a wish your heart makes

lately i've been having weird dreams. when i say lately, i mean my whole life. i've always had the ability to remember about three or four dreams i have every night. trust me, it's not always an ability you'd like to have.

dreams are interesting because science has still not found a clear purpose for them. in armenia, people take dreams literally. they see joseph smith come to them and tell them the church is true and there's their answer. i believe god speaks to armenians through their dreams because they will accept it. i don't believe he will speak to me through my dreams because i don't ever take mine seriously. so for me, the purpose of dreams is just a good laugh here and there.

here are a few of my latest:

last night i had an actual conversation with tyler in my sleep while he was awake.
jodi: tyler, you did such a good job.
tyler: on what?
jodi: on the quiz we did in class!
tyler: (laughing at my ridiculousness)
jodi: (realizing she's dreaming and talking in her sleep) wait, what? oh, never mind.

i dream about school and my students a lot! i won't mention specifics but i can say it's mostly awkward for me the next day when i see them.

two nights ago i dreamed i was pregnant. what a nightmare! i remember sitting in a seat, feeling my belly seriously sagging to the ground. i got up, walked outside and plop, the baby fell out. i looked down and discovered i had just given birth to a pig. gross and weird. foreshadowing? i hope not.

if a dream is really a wish your heart makes, i pray most of my wishes never come true.


Really Jake? Really? Bad decision.