Bob's Burgers in Albuquerque. So spicy!! Even Tyler couldn't handle it.

Look closely and you can see my hand print. That's what he gets for not wearing sunscreen and having a hot bod that his wife can't stay away from.

What is that face??

The Riverwalk! Downtown San Antone - a beautiful walk along a river lined with amazing restaurants.


one drawback of tyler's job: late nights. i'm sitting here alone at 11:30 p.m. stuffing my face with quesadillas and watching countless episodes of extreme makeover: weightloss mostly to entertain myself and distract from all the creepy noises in an empty apartment...


so this is summer

no alarm clocks in the morning. good, big, real breakfasts. sweaty workouts. big pool and hot, hot heat. the smell of sunscreen and hamburgers. naps in the sunshine. yogurt and blueberries. eating pineapple until my tongue stings. snickers ice cream. bachelorette and sytycd. delicious dinners. late nights with an amazing boy. so THIS is summer.


so this post was supposed to be about how awesome portland has been the past few days, but instead i can tell you about san antonio, tx!

friday night. i'm all packed. my car is loaded up. 11:00 p.m. i'm thinking about my drive the next day and trying to sleep, but i can't. tyler calls me. he says not to drive up the next day. the office is moving to san antonio, tx in a few days.

i cried. i had been waiting six weeks for school to end and to see my husband again! are you kidding me? i have to wait two more days?! i couldn't handle it.

two days later, tyler drove through salt lake, picked me up, we stayed in albuquerque, and then made it to san antonio. it's pretty amazing here. it's hot and the pool is awesome, so yes, i'm loving my life.

it feels soooo good to be with tyler again. and i love summer, even in san antonio instead of portland.


i just cut two inches off my hair. i feel like it's sooo short! am i crazy? everybody knows my loooong hair and now i feel like it's just regular long. but long does not equal pretty. and let's be honest, it was not lookin' good.

i have the hardest time with hair. what girl doesn't? lighter or darker? shorter or longer? curly, wavy, or straight? and let's not even get started with bangs!

so i know that last post was supposed to be my last until i left for portland, but ya, i get bored so i blog. anyway, school is done! tomorrow is half-day/yearbook day, and then i'm off...can't wait!!!


goodbye utah

it's about freakin' time. two more days in this wretched condition and then i'm off to portland.

i'm really happy that the end is near, but time almost seems to drag even more as i wait for the final days to pass. i'm super ornery. i get irritated really easily. people are buggin and my patience is wearing thin. i'm trying to be a nice person and be pleasant to be around, but seriously! i'm dying to be with my husband again. (or is it because i'm on my period?) anyway, i feel like i'm single again, and uh, it's not fun. i miss seeing him every day. i miss his smile and his laugh. i miss his big arms around me. i miss how i feel complete with him.

goodbye utah! i will NOT miss you! hello portland...