1/4 of the school year is over. yes, that's right, i look forward to summer all school year long. this school year's going well. i have bigger classes than last year, but i think the students are even a little better than last year. (or is it perhaps that i finally know what i'm doing now?) i've heard every year teaching gets better and it is true. the biggest difference was from the first year to the second. that was just a different world altogether. this year i feel like i'm actually starting to like my job. i can see how people who teach for a long time actually like it. it's hard people. it's just hard.

tyler has had six interview offers so far. and he's received one admissions offer! it's a d.o. school in fort lauderdale, florida. so proud of him!

once again i'm a single bachelorette this weekend while he's off doing his thing. but i'm looking forward to Fringe, passing out probably by 8:00, sleeping in, and having nothing on my schedule for tomorrow. hope you have a great weekend too.


i am seriously obsessed with my cabin. and hebgen lake. and west yellowstone.