so i'm sitting here, just got home from work, and tyler will be another half hour. i've got time to sit down and rest for a minute before i need to make dinner.

i'm looking at my blog and knowing that i haven't written forever, but i can never imagine anything to write that's read-worthy. what about my life is so cool that you'd actually want to read about it?

all i can think about is how tired i am. all. the. time. except saturdays. and sundays. i guess i am just not cut out to be a working woman. last year i was exhausted every second of my life. and i thought, this is just how the first year of teaching is. which it was. exhausting. but i am surprised at how tired i still become every day this year.

maybe it's just teaching. i tend to be a grass-is-greener kind of person. i always prove these thoughts wrong but still sometimes i wonder if i'd have more energy and enjoy my job more if I ended up doing my #2 or #3 choice of profession: editing or nursing. if i was single and planning on becoming a career woman, i would not stick with teaching. it just tears your entire soul out every day. dramatic, you might think. but true. i will always respect teachers now.


since when are mondays so exciting at work?

today i had a little scare right in between fourth and fifth periods.

i came out into the hall (as we are to do during passing time) to find one student with another in a headlock. thinking they were horsing around i walked over and shouted at them to knock it off. as soon as i got over there i realized they weren't joking. one kid slammed the other kid against the wall and then hit him hard twice right in the face with yes, me right in the middle trying to pull them apart. while continuing to shout for them to stop and desperately (and unsuccessfully) pulling on them to stop, the other kid getting romped on pulled out pepper spray and it went everywhere. luckily it didn't get in my eyes but did get all over my hands and all over other people in the crowd. if you've ever experienced pepper spray before you'll know that it not only burns your eyes but completely kills your throat. needless to say, since this happened right outside my classroom, fifth period was spent with twenty coughing kids and a teacher that couldn't talk.

i didn't really see the end result of the fight because i booked it once the pepper spray was fired. i called the school cop and got her up there.

there's me again, little old me, getting myself into sticky situations at work. oh the joy of junior high...


i am so tired right now...this first week back from the break has killed me. i guess a super relaxing break has some drawback: it's ridiculously hard to wake up at 5:40 again and spend all day teaching (um, babysitting) teenagers.

today was pretty out of control. we had an incentive activity at the end of the school day for all the seventh graders who had no "N"s or "U"s this term. so someone came up with the brilliant idea of teaching all the kids the electric slide and virginia reel and me, being the dance teacher, was automatically nominated for the job. well i was happy to do it. but picture this: a gym full of 215 wild monkeys running around like chickens with their heads cut off and little old me frantically trying to teach the steps to the electric slide while standing on a wobbly, little (and let's stress little) table. it was pretty awesome. just one of the daily crazy things that happen at my job.

yahoo for the weekend...


tomorrow's the last day of winter break. boo. this break's been awesome. i've been lazy enough that i now have energy again to go back to work. that's what i like about a relaxing break.

christmas was a lot of fun. tyler and i went up to my parents' for christmas eve and christmas day. tyler got a new wedding ring (his old one doesn't fit anymore), pinheads and patriots, temple pants, best buy gift cards, tools, etc. i was spoiled with a lot of jewelry. no complaints there. we also got a picture framed that tyler bought in armenia, thanks to tyler's parents.

so this break was spent with a lot of sleeping in (11:45 this morning people), big breakfasts, and lots of tv series and movie watching. we actually made it out into the frigid snowy wonderland a few times. (seriously who wants to go outside in this?) we finally tried the pizza pie cafe which is surprisingly good. we walked there and then walk
ed to despicable me. not as good as i've heard. i just liked the fuzzy unicorn part. we also drove up to farmington and spent a whole day playing games with my brother, his wife, and their two kids. we worked out a few days in the byu weight room and probably should have done that a few more days. last night we welcomed in the new year while watching chopped on our homemade living room bed.

well, now it's back to work and school. tyler starts a new semester on tuesday. he also begins his intense study for the mcat which he takes on
march 26th, a day before his birthday. the school year is almost half over for me, which i cannot believe. that also means the dance concert is coming up in two weeks. cross your fingers. there are always a million things that can and sometimes do go wrong.

happy new year! i hope this year is just as fabulous as last year.

welcoming in the new year