We're married! Finally it happened. 09.03.09. I'm so happy! Nothing is better than knowing that when I'm finished with work, I just get to spend the entire evening with Tyler. It's awesome.

Maybe even more exciting than our wedding, perhaps, is what happened this past weekend...We had a second reception in Denver (where Tyler is from). It was really great! It looked beautiful there. Tyler's mom and dad did a great job putting everything together. The rather unpleasant part of the trip came when we headed back to Utah on Sunday. Tyler and I drove with my parents, which was the first mistake. JK mom and dad. We're driving along, Tyler and I fast asleep in the back of course. Suddenly the car starts shaking! It wakes me up and I look out the window. Whoop! Not even kidding, the tire falls off the car and roooolllllsssss across three lanes of traffic!!! I thought I was dreaming. So the entire tire fell off. Long story short, we were towed to Rawlins, Wyoming and spent Sunday evening and half of Monday stuck in a podunk hotel room. The most exciting part of the stay was probably when Tyler and I went to Subway. Give me a break. There was nothing to do. So, finally, at 4:30 PM on Monday, some family friends came four hours out to Rawlins, picked us up, and drove us back four hours to Salt Lake. It was pretty cool. Really, though, we were blessed. We didn't get in an accident and neither did anyone else. Whew. Thank heavens for prayer before traveling.

Anyway, we're married now and happier than ever! More pictures will be coming!