Dr. Laura

Something happens when you get married. You get old. By old I mean you watch the news, go to bed at 10 PM, cook real meals, and listen to talk radio. I've recently discovered Dr. Laura. The other day I about died when this man called in...

He explained that he's been dating this girl for three years, thinks he wants to get married, but has a few concerns. Dr. L asked him what his number one concern was. He said...

Well, she's moody and emotional and I can't handle it.


I laughed hysterically. Dr. L said exactly what was on my mind...

If you can't handle moody and emotional, then you better marry a man.

I heart this boy


Last night I directed my first ever dance concert. After much trepidation that at least one of the many things that could go wrong would, the concert actually ended up being a success. As the last dancers exited the stage and the curtains closed, I was surprised to find tears in my eyes. It was pretty emotional seeing the end result of many months of hard hard work. I'm so proud of my students! Especially the choreographers. The concert consisted of two beginning dance classes, filling the program with 15 dances and 80 dancers. All of the dances, with the exception of one, were choreographed by the students. I was surprised and excited to see complicated themes and difficult and technical movement come out of these dancers' minds and onto the stage. 

Schools need art. Unfortunately, most schools are not moving toward expanding their art programs. Fortunately, I was hired into a school that is. Unfortunately, most schools are cutting their art programs because of budget cuts. The little money that is left is flowing into the English and Math departments, not the arts. Why? NCLB. Now I'm not saying anything is wrong with promoting the progress of English and Math. I'm mostly an English teacher after all. But how in the world are people justifying the cut of the arts? The definition of art involves creativity. The use of creativity spurs self-esteem. And self-esteem and confidence are a leading factor to success in core subjects such as English and Math. Art not only helps children in their core subjects, but just in life. It teaches confidence and team work, real life skills that transfer into everyday life and the relationships these children have in and out of school. 

Last night I witnessed up close and personal the self-esteem rising in these kids. To see the smiles and the sense of accomplishment expressed on their faces as they exited the stage was absolutely priceless.


here are some pictures from christmas break, the kind of break i could get used to. tyler and i traveled to sunny california where we spent christmas and new years by the beach with family and some time in between on a cruise to mexico.


a view from inside the ship


it was not that warm. at all.


each time we came back to our room we discovered a new animal, usually decked out in my sunglasses. 




what's mexico without chips and salsa?


awesome tile staircase


yes, the restaurant was named la fonda