Today is the first of five glorious days where I get to say to myself "Self, I could be in second period right now dealing with who knows what, but instead I am sitting on my couch, blogging, listening to Matt Nathanson, and eating sour patch watermelons." Oh the joy of spring break!

This weekend was a big celebration for Tyler: his birthday and the end of the MCAT! We celebrated by going to The Homestead. It was refreshing to be in the mountains and a good getaway from our apartment. Tyler is now the big 2-5. I'm really proud of how hard he worked to prepare for the MCAT and hopefully we'll see good results in a month.


Sometimes my dance students really surprise me. We just completed a unit about composition with theme. I decided to give them the theme this time. They were to create a dance in their group of 5-6 about inclusion (including others/not leaving others behind/being kind/not bullying, etc.). They did this in about two weeks, working every day with their group, everyone contributing equally. Here are two of the best groups, the one on the left being my favorite. (You'll have to excuse the huge table in the way at the bottom and the fact that the dancers dance outside the camera sometimes. I was busy grading while they were performing.)