padre island, tx...white soft sand, green water, perfect waves, warm temperatures. very ideal.

johnny d's by the sea...amazing seafood. tyler LOVED his blackened redfish and this guy is a little hard to impress. it was delicious. crab cakes to die for.

padre island is a well kept secret! i had never heard of it before but it is definitely near the top of my list of favorite places. we drove two and a half hours from san antonio and spent the day on the beach, eating out, and wandering corpus christi. fabulous.


we finally found an apartment! *sigh* the last month of endless searching, uneasiness, and countless calls is over. we will be living in eastside holladay, just a lovely little 10 minute drive from my work. no more 1.5 hour drives to and from work each day and no more ulcers from driving on the freeway in snow. it's a miracle i never got in an accident the last two years. i'm really happy with what i found. i'm looking forward to this school year as tyler will just be working too (or playing video games all day as he likes to call it). BUT i am still not ready for school to start again. four more weeks people...yuck. til then i will continue to bask in the glory of this thing called summer.


all i have to say here is that SPOTIFY is amazing! has anyone else tried this? if you are obsessed with music like i am, you can not pass this up. get it. now.


there are many strange things that happen during the summer. besides my sleeping schedule becoming 2 a.m.-11 a.m. (or 12 p.m.) my eating habits are equally as absurd. i become the queen of snacking. i'm home all day. why not? there are quite a few things i can eat in just two days...an entire box of cheez-its, at least (at least being a key word) one big pack of sour patch watermelons, half a family size bag of cheetos, and an entire pringles can just to name a few. tyler got tired of me finishing off the snacks so soon and put the cheetos where i couldn't reach them.

a recent obsession of mine is bluebell ice cream. i'm obsessed with the strawberry cheesecake and cookie dough. why is this lovely deliciousness reserved only for texas??


summer is almost half-over. time is flying by.

i finally forced myself to buckle down yesterday and begin preparing for this school year. i've been dreading it since school got out. i'm really anxious about this school year and i don't know why. i know it's like riding a bike though. everything will be fine once i get back into it.

med school applications are RIDICULOUS! tyler applied to 29, yes 29, schools. do you know how much time and money that means? his primary apps are in and now he's working on secondaries, which means another 70-80 bucks and 3-4 essays, multiplied by 29.

i continue to fill my days with workouts and pool time. the wives of the reps down here are really social and do a lot of fun things together. i spend hours at the pool daily chatting about bachelorette and other equally important things.

speaking of bachelorette, we didn't bring our tv down here and it's been interesting. i miss it a lot and then i feel ridiculous for missing something so unimportant. so i've been forced to read. yes, i'm an english teacher and i don't like to read. i struggle to watch some shows on our painfully slow internet. publishing this post will probably take several minutes. and i cook and clean like a good wife.

i think the thing i cherish the most about summer break is sleeping in. oh how i do not miss forcing myself out of bed at 5:30 a.m. every morning.

life's good...