happy 7 months tucker! 

i feel like this last month was one of the hardest and best since tucker was born. and it mostly all had to do with sleep, the bane of every new parent. tucker's nighttime sleeping was just getting worse and worse between 4 and 6 months. he was waking every 1-2 hours each night. i was losing my mind. i felt like i was working non-stop 24/7 and my days and nights were filled with frustration and anxiety. after i had tucker, i never thought i could do cry-it-out because when you have a baby, you just gain this deep maternal response to your baby's cry. but i had had enough and i realized i was becoming a worse mother and wife because of the toll it was taking on me. so i decided to let him cry and leave him completely alone at night. well...it actually only took one night. tucker cried pretty hard for 15 minutes and that was it. since then, going on three weeks now, he sleeps 10-11 hours straight every night. sometimes he lets out a single cry once or twice in the night but that's it. it has made the biggest difference in my life! because i know i can count on a good night's sleep and a break from the rigors of the day, i am 100% myself again, happy and excited about each day. and he seems happier too, better rested and healthier.

here's what's up with tucker bear lately...
* cut his first tooth last week! lower left incisor. 
* loves to squeal and shout! he's got some lungs.
* hates solids. i've tried a ton of different veggies and fruits, but he just hates the feeling in his mouth. i've tried super watery and a little thicker and nothing will do. i give him oatmeal in the morning and distract him enough to get a little down and some sort of veggie or fruit at night but he won't usually have any of that.
* i introduced the sippy and he's actually doing pretty well with that.
* still no crawling but he seriously likes to move as much as he can. he is wiggly and busy!
* hates getting wet, which makes bath time a crying struggle. i went back to sponge baths and he does better with that until i get to his hair and face.
* still very alert and studious.

i feel like he's growing up so fast! he is seriously fun and we love him so much!