30 weeks

I'm in the 75th percentile for size - feeling large and great about it

Feel the best in the past few weeks than I did previously: no back pain, no nausea, no heartburn, no more headaches, great sleep-not sleeping with pillows, few trips to the bathroom - I'm not expecting all this to last long but grateful while it is

Feet are starting to swell - sometimes just looking morbidly obese 

Starting to snore apparently - what the heck? Never knew that was a pregnancy side effect

Still feeling very exhausted from little tasks, like blow drying my hair or getting dressed - Worst part of my day? Trying to put on my socks and boots

Loving how baby's become my little portable heater - I hate being cold so I'm appreciating the constant heat I feel

Eating like a boss - for the first time I'm eating as much as Tyler and I usually finish meals before him and yes, it's showing - weight gain: 40 pounds

Worst part of pregnancy right now: Not fitting into ANY of my clothes
Best part of pregnancy right now: Feeling the baby move, especially those little feet and elbows

10 more weeks to go!