this weekend was definitely different than usual. i really am a home-body. a perfect night to me is just being at home with tyler and a movie and probably some sour patch watermelons. can't get much better, right? but occasionally it's fun to go out and do different things.

saturday began with a trip to the provo bakery. quite delicious actually. little hidden secret of provo. we headed up to salt lake to go to sleeping beauty by ballet west with leah, anna, buck, and anna jr. it was amazing! those dancers are so talented.

i love dance. i really do. but i do kind of feel like i'm done with it. i like being a dance teacher but i think one or two more years will do it for me. i used to be so afraid of losing my talent and ah, what would i do if i wasn't dancing? but now, no, not so much. i realized that at the ballet. it was a good thought. just to know that i'm ready to have a family. (easy jeremy, not any time soon.) but i'm just kind of done with the things that i used to be so passionate about. and that's ok. i'm growing up and realizing there are more important and fulfilling things.

after the ballet, tyler and i celebrated valentine's early with dinner at mazza. yum.

we spent the night at my parents' new house in salt lake. yes, they moved back to salt lake from bountiful. my mom never really liked it there. they're right back in our old neighborhood and ward. we had a fun time camping out on the floor last night since none of their furniture is moved in yet.

alas, the sick bug has finally gotten me! i was seriously sick for three months straight last year, my first year teaching. so far this year i had not been sick at all even once. but i guess even a first year teacher's immune system is still not strong enough.

life's good, ya know? i feel content. i have an amazing husband (seriously i don't know how i got so lucky), a good job, a nice apartment, and peace.