i refuse to post any belly pictures until i actually look pregnant and not just bloated, so you're not going to see that for a while, but for anyone that cares to know how my pregnancy is going, you can read on.

i'm 15 weeks now and i feel awesome!  pretty much as soon as 14 weeks hit, i stopped feeling nauseous. i feel it a little in the morning and if i haven't eaten for several hours, but besides that i don't feel sick at all. i'm getting these massive headaches though. i'm seriously hungry all the time. what i want to eat most is cheese, potato chips, top ramen, baked potatoes, and iceburg lettuce. two healthy things out of five. not too bad, eh? i still haven't told my co-workers. this is an awkward situation for me because it begs the question, "is she going to quit?" but they've got to be wondering why i'm stuffing my face all day and poking out in the middle.

i'm trying to be healthy and exercise and all that, but let's be honest, i'm just barely keeping my head above water with a full-time job and full-time calling. church here is so different than utah, or idaho, or california, or any other place i've been, except armenia. it's actually quite similar to armenia. just to give you an idea: the fort lauderdale mission is the highest baptizing mission in all of north america. every week there are at least 2 baptisms in our ward. so what does that mean for a young women's leader? going to baptisms, visiting young women investigators with the missionaries, visiting new members, retaining new members, activating a lot of inactive members, giving rides to church and mutual, etc. it's extremely demanding and church is, well, not relaxing anymore. but i still love it. i love being useful and knowing that i'm doing good. i love these girls. it just takes some getting used to.

tyler is also in the young men's and is staying really busy. medical school is a lot of work but we know it will be worth it. we're both really excited to be parents and to find out whether this little bugger is a boy or a girl. we're loving fort lauderdale right now where the mornings are nice and crisp, the days are perfectly warm, and the leaves are still bright green.