i just finished this book. i started it on friday and that's quite an accomplishment for a non-reader like me. i'm so picky when it comes to books. if there's any lack of interest, i won't pick it up again. but i'm proud to say i've read four books this school-year: a stolen life, heaven is for real, and half the sky, all which i highly recommend.

i felt so close to nie; it was so relatable to me, her being only a little older than me and growing up in utah. even though the event in her life was so tragic i found the book to be quite romantic. it's real, inspiring, and hopeful. i was surprised by her assurance after one date that she'd marry her husband; i was fascinated with her love for her kids; i was torn by her test but uplifted by her courage. most of all, i was encouraged by elder holland's thought to her to "be proud of [her] scars...they are a witness of a miracle."

how many of us consider our personal scars miracles?

i can't believe all nie has been through. and she seems so happy. read her book!


Last night my grandma passed away. I haven't had a grandparent die since I was ten. She's been really sick for a while; it wasn't a big surprise. But it's still a bit of a shock to know she's gone, my mother's mom, whom I remember so dearly from trips to the cabin and her home in Nevada.

My grandma had serious mental illness throughout her whole life. She had trouble growing up with her three sisters. The things my mom told me that she did to her when she was being raised used to make me cry. She never said "I love you" to her children. She would throw hot coffee at them. She would call them names, that they were fat and ugly, and constantly make them feel worthless. My mom moved out at 16 years old to struggle on her own because it was better than living with her mom.

Grandma Mary was always kind to me. I have all positive memories of her. I remember her being quite patient with me always wanting to play with her barbies at her home or being so welcoming and friendly to my friends at the cabin.

I can't say I never felt any anger towards her because of the way she treated my mom. But we really can never judge anyone because we can not possibly know exactly who they are and why they act the way they do. No matter how awful some people seem to be, every single person is priceless in God's eyes. Every person is His child. And our job is to love.

Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God. Doctrine and Covenants 18:10


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