beautiful. demi lovato, eh, but the dancing, beautiful. so thankful i get paid to dance every day. oh yeah, this guy

gets back TOMORROW!


i love fall. i love the crispy coolness in the air. i love boots and scarves. i love the orange, red, and yellow. even though nothing compares to summer (especially for teachers) the beginning of fall is perhaps my favorite time of year, as far as weather and nature are concerned. i can't wait for it. i will soak up every minute of it before winter. (10 more days til tyler gets home.)


I love this country. God bless America.


i'm feeling pretty sorry for myself. yesterday was my second anniversary and i spent it on the couch with a big bag of doritos, watching countless episodes of keeping up with the kardashians. (can i just mention how ridiculous they are? who wears $75,000 earrings in the ocean? it's so entertaining.) anyway, it was pretty crappy.

i feel single again. but not the fun single with exciting escapades with other single girls but just the boring pointless single. blah.

five months. that's how long cumulatively tyler and i have been apart since we've been married. i guess i agreed to all this though, so i really can't complain...much.

although life's been less than pleasurable lately i have had some really cool experiences where some serious prayers have been directly and quickly answered. so thankful for prayer.

today i went to my very good friend, anna's baby blessing. two frightening things happened.

1) i spoke to armenians for the first time in four years.

um...armenian...yeah. i suck. i couldn't understand 25% of what they said and my grammar was horrible! it was not fun. but i accept that i'm not a missionary anymore. i'm a wife and a teacher. it's not my job to know armenian as perfectly as i once did and i'm ok with that. it still kind of hurts though.

2) i held a tiny fragile baby.

so precious and adorable, but let's be honest, babies scare me to death. now i grew up basically a part of the babysitter's club. i was always babysitting and i loved it. but now that i realize i could (and probably should) be a mother by now it freaks me out. the longer i'm married and the longer i teach the less appealing having a child seems. there's nothing attractive about it to me. i could go on and on and list 100+ reasons why i don't want kids, but let's face it, tyler's going to make me do it eventually, so i better just buck up.

thankful for a break from work tomorrow...so i can go to the pool and watch some more kardashians...and perhaps clean the house and be productive.