tyler's love affair with his new ipod touch

life's been treating tyler and me well lately. last week we enjoyed one of our anniversary presents at the brad paisley concert. it was packed! i've never seen the usana lawn so full. of course we were sitting next to drunk smokers. yuck. sometimes i forget that there are people in utah that drink, until i go to a concert. sad, i know, but i live in utah county. the week before that we got to go with jamie (tyler's sister) to the timp. temple as she received her endowments. i still can't believe she's going to russia. i know she's probably itching to leave but i just want to tell her to enjoy her time in the good old u.s.of a. i didn't realize how good life is here until i lived in armenia! the very first thing i thought when i walked in my house after a year and a half was how clean it was! seriously. the little wonders of this nation like cleanliness, walmart, people with good hygiene, and smooth running church meetings were sorely missed. earlier this month we also got to spend a weekend with friends at a cabin in the uintas. we went up to one of tyler's friend's cabins with a bunch of couples, played games, ate awesome food, and hiked. currently, teaching is going so much better this year! it's ridiculous how much easier this second year is. well, peace out till next time...

p.s. katie: you inspired me to make this post. just want to give you something to do on your lunch break :)


this weekend was tyler and my first anniversary! friday the third to be exact. we celebrated with a trip up to my cabin on hebgen lake, montana.

hebgen lake

dead mice. yum.

yellowstone park

playmill! we saw beauty and the beast.
such a joy. i can't believe it's been a year! it's been awesome. i love being married to tyler!