25 weeks

I'm now 26 weeks and starting to get uncomfortable. I can't imagine what it will be like near the end. My lower back hurts most of the time and I have weird upper stomach pain, like stretching muscles or something. I sleep with a pillow between my legs and under my belly. Baby moves a lot at night and that can sometimes keep me up. Sometimes I just have a hard time breathing comfortably. I've gained 30 pounds already and doc says I'm bigger than normal. Yup... But baby is healthy. I passed the glucose test this week. By the way, I thought the glucose drink was delicious! Just tasted like a sugary sprite. I bought a new ring from Claire's; my hands are permanently swollen. I still sometimes wear non-maternity shirts and pants, but I probably shouldn't. I'm loving Ross and have bought most of my maternity clothes there. We haven't started the nursery yet or bought many things. It's overwhelming so I'm procrastinating. Tyler's back in school and I'm really hoping that baby comes a little early or on time because his finals are a week after my due date! I'm planning on working right up until baby comes. Thankfully I have a low-key job. I can't imagine teaching while pregnant. Well, I'm feeling good and getting excited to meet this little guy.