i got a job! whew, finally. it took me over 100 applications and six weeks of daily applying. i never thought it would be so hard. i'm basically an office assistant for a legal service company. i mostly process serves. i have no experience with law so i wasn't sure that i would get it, but for what i do, experience isn't really necessary. it's perfect for me though. it's relaxing, i get to sit down and go at my own pace, but the work volume is really high so i'm constantly busy and the time goes by fast. i'm so thankful it worked out. we fasted for just that one purpose this month and two days later is when i got called for the interview. it was the only interview i was even offered for all 100+ applications.

the weather's really awesome here; don't get me wrong. but i am feeling really homesick for fall. i love fall so much - just until december when all life dies - and there is no fall here. it feels like summer all year here. i miss utah more than i thought i would. but i always do get more homesick than i think i will whenever i move. it'll probably just take a few months and i'll get over it. probably right around jan/feb when i usually hate life in utah, i'll be liking the 70 degree temps here.

tyler's still working really hard in med school. he likes all of his classes except biochemistry. he studies all the time, usually until 10 p.m. and sometimes gets up at 5:30 to study before his 8-hour block of classes. now that i'm working until 6 p.m. too we never see each other.

well, life's good and i'm starting to get a little more comfortable with being here. i'm just really thankful for all the answered prayers.