Can not wait for this week! That's right, I've got it on my calendar.

Missing my husband. Ugh, time is crawling...

P.S. Here comes the blogging. Time away from Tyler = a lot more of Jodi on the blog.


Finally Tyler is a college grad! So proud of him.

Aubrie givin the grads high fives on their way out

BYU! It's been good...

that cap just barely fits. love him!

some of the crew: me; the grad; my brother dave; niece aubrie; the grad's dad jim, brother talon, and uncle bob

oh yeah!


here we go again

here we go again...it's that time of the year that tyler moves away, i move in with my parents, and we bear the dreaded six week separation. we're moving out of our apartment and away from provo forever this weekend. tyler's going to oregon to be a lead technician for vivint and i'll be living with my parents in salt lake for possibly the six longest weeks all year, waiting out the end of the school year.

i feel good about leaving provo. i've been here for a total of six years and it's been great. from king henry to glenwood to arlington to the house and to branbury. this is where i decided to serve a mission. this is where i saw tyler on campus time after time wondering when for the love he would ask me out. this is where we dated, fell in love, and started out our life together. i have a lot of friends here but also a lot that have already moved away. it's time to go.

i know i shouldn't wish time away. i try to live in the moment and carpe diem. but really, being completely honest with myself, i can't wait for the next seven weeks to be over. school done, summer here, reunited with tyler. i know he hasn't left yet, but i know what's coming. it's worth it in the end though.