It is crazy how fast these kids grow up! Tucker's 4 months now and hit a big milestone recently with rolling from back to front. He usually toots when he rolls too. Takes some major ab flexing to get over! Now that he's mastered rolling, he will not stay on his back. He's on his tummy all day and he loves it. He's always loved tummy time. Now he just gets frustrated that he can't crawl.

Tucker also started laughing a lot lately and I pretty much spend all day trying to get a laugh out of him. It's the best.

I think he might start teething soon because he can not keep his hands out of his mouth and he's drooling constantly. He loves to chew on everything and bites hard!

I love this little guy so much and it's so fun watching him grow and change every day.

This past month has not been without its challenges, though. I've now had two plugged milk ducts. They're so awful! Luckily, I discovered them early and was able to get each out within hours, but they're so stressful because if you don't clear them, you risk mastitis. They're such a pain to get out because you have to massage the heck out of your breast during feedings, which is annoying to the baby, and both painful and exhausting to me. Tucker's also starting to get way distracted during feedings. I stopped opening the curtains even, but sometimes he still can't keep his attention on eating. He almost always has at least one distracted feeding a day. Breastfeeding has been way harder than I thought it would be. I really think it's one of the most selfless things a mother can do for her baby.

Tucker also really struggles with sleep. He's always been super alert and active, since day one, and seems to never want to sleep. He's in bed from about 7:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. but he wakes three times to feed, only sleeping for about 2 hour stretches in between. Luckily he goes right back to sleep after feeding, but I feel like the sleep deprivation is really taking its toll. But since he had his feeding problems when he was first born, I'm always worried about him getting enough food, so I don't really want to sleep train or not feed him at night quite yet. I wouldn't mind feeding him once, or even twice, if only he would sleep 4-5 hour stretches instead of 2. If you have any suggestions of what helped your baby sleep better, please let me know!

Tyler's been gone a lot too with school. He's trying to stay more on top of his school work this year, rather than cramming. He's got boards too next summer, so with all his extra studying I don't feel like I see him very much. It leads to a lot of lonely days. I love my time with Tucker every day, but I miss having adult time too.

I can't complain though. Even though having a baby has been a huge adjustment for me, I count my blessings that I do have a healthy baby and an amazing husband.


Nicole and Garrett said...

Distracted feeding...yep. I can't even look at my phone because Jack is all "Oh, whatcha doing? I'd like to see that." I can't even talk to other people! Today he could hardly eat because he suddenly thought the blinds were hilarious and couldn't stop looking at them and laughing. Also, he can't stop pinching my face and arms while he eats. The things we do for our babies :)

Erinn Meyer said...

Seriously, the things we do! Pumping on vacation right now is a beast! And it's led to so many plugged ducts because I put it off too long and they're soooo terrible.... So sorry about not getting sleep! You are such a trooper. My only thoughts about are probably things you've already thought of ... Change his diaper first when he wakes up and then feed so he's real sleepy and relaxed, wait a minute or two to see if he goes back to sleep (i realized i was waiting like ten seconds, and was really surprised how often he just needed a minute), binkys are a.m.a.z.i.n.g., Renny also liked a blanket to snuggle with, he would turn his head and close his eyes as soon as it touched his face and really made a difference, and I was comfortabke with it once he started rolling and lifting his head. Um... nightlights, fans, keeping it super dark in the middle of the night.... I donno! Good luck!

Carly said...

I read you posts and I just feel as if I am reading about Austin, haha!
Hang in there- and I am so sorry about the sleep!!!! Gary is really busy with school too, booo

Anna Harrison said...

He is so cute! I don't even know who he looks like though, what do you think? Also, did I ever tell you that I love the name Tucker? Good job. :)

And I HATE clogged ducts. Ugh!

Brian and Kenna said...

totally understand the super alert thing... Adleigh is the worst napper in the world and has been since she was born. I was so shocked because everyone always said "nap with your baby" but my baby never napped! She was terrible at night for a while too because she would fall asleep nursing and then wake up when I tried to move her. Then she would think it was time to party. But then I discovered the ability to nurse while laying down. She'd fall asleep on the bed and I'd leave her there and let her fall into a deep sleep and then move her.

Honestly on really bad nights we kept her in bed with us. Then when she was waking up every two hours I could just roll over and feed her. I felt like I wasn't fully waking myself up so it was easier to fall back asleep after nursing.

Good Luck!