These past two months have been the craziest months of my life. I always heard that a baby will change your life but, whoa, I didn't realize how much. I also didn't know how correct people are when they say babies are hard. Motherhood is way harder than I thought it would be. I love it though and I love this little guy so much! It's beautiful and frustrating, fulfilling and challenging.

Tucker's two months old now. He is a little ball full of energy. Here's what's going on with him lately...

* He smiles all the time - this big goofy grin that's sometimes accompanied with a little hint of a laugh.

* He's found his voice and loves to coo and talk with Mom and Dad.

* He loves his stuffed monkey (Milo) and will stare at it longer than anything else.

* He also loves staring at lamps and clocks.

* He loves being outside.

* He's the biggest wiggle worm on the changing table.

* He doesn't do too well with naps or sleeping at night - right now he goes about 3 hour stretches at night

At Tucker's one month check-up he was only in the 15th percentile for weight. I knew something was wrong. He never seemed satisfied when feeding. Nursing didn't hurt though so I wasn't sure what was wrong. I finally decided to have a lactation consultant visit. She verified my fears: Tucker was starving. He had a shallow latch and chewed most of the time instead of sucked. She put me on a plan: I have to feed every other hour and after every feeding I have to pump for 15 minutes. Then I give the expressed milk to him with the next feeding. We also have mouth exercises to do with him to help him to suck. It takes so much time doing this! My entire day is pretty much consumed. But it's working. At his two month appointment Tucker had gained 4 pounds since his one month appointment! It was such a relief to know he's healthy and getting enough to eat. Really, when he's healthy and happy, so am I. I'm still on this lactation plan and am not sure how much longer I will be. But whatever works, works.

Tyler blessed Tucker last week at church. He was a champ during the blessing. He slept through the whole thing. He wasn't happy after though. Both of my parents and Tyler's dad and brother came out. The guys enjoyed fishing, swimming in the ocean, and eating out. All Grandma Teena wanted to do was play with Tucker.

 3 weeks old - his newborn shoot

 He LOVES his dad

 I can't get enough of these towels

 Meeting Grandpa Kev

 Tucker's biggest fan: Grandma Teena

 Meeting Uncle Talon

All the men who participated in his blessing: Uncle Talon, Grandpa Jim, Dad, and Grandpa Kevin


Max and Rebecca said...

He is so adorable!!! I'm glad he is getting food, it's crazy what a hungry baby can do to a mama's stress level.

Christine Hardy Olson said...

Look at him!! What a cutie pie! The blessing photos look so nice!

Erinn Meyer said...

FOUR pounds in one month?! Oh my goodness...Ren did one pound in one week one time and I felt like I was feeding every second of the day. You are definitely busy! So glad though that you were able to get some help. I've been so excited to see more pictures of him... he is really, really cute!

Jeremy Pitchforth said...

I am so glad everything is working out so well and he has gained weight. You must feel relieved and so happy to have found out what was going on. Power to you.