i think it finally hit me this week that this baby is coming soon. pregnancy is pretty miserable and i'm ready to be done but i'm almost more nervous for the delivery and to be a mom.

i feel like being a new mom will be like the first year teaching. you learn so much in college about how to be a good teacher and you think you're prepared, but the thing is you have to first learn what works for YOU while you're actually teaching. there's really no way to anticipate what techniques are best for you before you actually get there. i think that's why there's so much information, different theories, and opinions on how to be a good teacher (and a good mom), because different things work for different people. i've read quite a few baby books, a lot of articles, and talked to a lot of new moms and i feel somewhat prepared but i know it's going to be a huge learning curve as i learn what works for me and Baby.

the first year of teaching was not pleasant. it was rough because it was so much trial and error. i'm thinking the first bit of being a mother will be the same. although that's pretty daunting to me, i know i'll learn and will eventually figure it out.

i'm not totally freaked out about being a new mom. i'm pretty excited too. i can't wait to see this little guy. i can't wait to see what he looks like, how much he weighs, if he has tons of hair like his mom did or is a bald baby like his dad was, and what his little personality will be like. i'm excited to meet this little man whom i've never known on this earth but who will forever be a part of my family.

i'm now 36 weeks and the end of this pregnancy is still not as bad as the beginning. i hated feeling nauseous all.the.time. the worst part of it now is just feeling absolutely ugly and huge. the only time in my life that i felt uglier than now was on my mission. that's a hard one to even come close to. but i've gained 50 lbs now and my hands, feet, and face are permanently swollen. sleeping's not been so good lately with the raging heartburn and aching hips. but besides bad sleep and looking like the stay-puft marshmallow man, i'm otherwise feeling good.

tyler had spring break this past week and enjoyed just taking it easy. he did do a lot of work for me as we (he) finally started to put the nursery together. he had a birthday on wednesday, turned the big 27, i took the day off of work, and we got to enjoy the day together with dinner and a movie. it's weird to think that going out on a date won't be so easy anymore or even possible for the first little while. i'm just so thankful we had so much time together to enjoy things like that.

being pregnant has made me appreciate a lot of things, mostly tyler. it feels like he loves me more now than before, which i don't get. i really do love him more now than when we got married, also something that i never got before but now do. pregnancy's also made me appreciate my mom and mother-in-law and all the other moms that i know who have been through this before, multiple times. it's also helped me appreciate my ability to get pregnant.

this is at 34 weeks. we brought a delicious chicken dinner to the beach. i love where we live.


Katie Matthews said...

Rumor has it that heart burn means hair. It was true with Maggie. Good luck these last few weeks. You are almost there.

Anna Harrison said...

"the worst part of it now is just feeling absolutely ugly and huge. the only time in my life that i felt uglier than now was on my mission. that's a hard one to even come close to."

hahahahhahaha I hope that at least right now you brush your hair ;)

And I can't believe that beautiful beach!

Also, about three days ago I was going to call you but realized that you would be at work. Then I wished that you would blog soon. So, thanks for getting my vibes.

Erinn Meyer said...

So true. I felt like I had so many people saying "you should do this!" When it came down to it there were a lot of suggestions that just didn't quite feel right for my little guy. It's amazing how quickly you pick upon their habits and personality...fun and also challenging. I'm learning so much!

Nicole and Garrett said...

You look so good! Also, in my experience, having a baby is way more fun then you think it will be. I was getting pretty nervous about the whole thing towards the end. I feel the same way about appreciating my mom now. I never realized how much she sacrificed just to have me!

Heidi said...

Jodi, you are as beautiful as ever. I gained 50 pounds with Tyler and most of it came right off. I had to sleep on the couch with my hip on a back board and that's the only way I could sleep the last month.
For heartburn, swallow 1 teaspoon of vinegar. It's nasty, but cures it.

Three weeks!!!!! I know you will be an amazing mother.